What’s New in DailyStory – April 2024 highlights

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What’s New in DailyStory – April 2024 highlights

Additional support with new templates for emails, automations, and segments

We’re continuing to add new pre-built templates for emails, automations, and segments to help you launch your campaigns quicker.

New integration with Little Green Light

Little Green Light is an affordable yet powerful donor management software solution built for small and mid-sized nonprofit organizations. The integration between Little Green Light and DailyStory provides robust email, SMS and additional marketing capabilities integrated together.

Update to campaign cloning in DailyStory

Previously, when cloning a campaign, you would only see the name of the campaign you selected, but now, it is a drop-down menu.

Added support for Lightspeed X Series

Similar to DailyStory’s integration with Lightspeed C Series and Lightspeed R series, this new integration for Lightspeed X Series adds another ecommerce platform that’s natively integrated with DailyStory.

Email and SMS opt-in consent options in web forms

You’ll notice new drag-and-drop consent options onto your web forms. Using these consent options will automatically write the consent-to-the-opt-in audit log.

Updates to SMS conversations

DailyStory now allows replies that only include an image to give you more options when engaging with customers and leads via SMS text messaging.

Additional 50-plus updates in DailyStory

We’re excited to share we’ve added an additional 50-plus updates and enhancements, including small user experience improvements and new AI-related features. Plus, additional APIs include new email click webhooks!

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