What’s New in DailyStory – December 2023 highlights

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What’s New in DailyStory – December 2023 highlights

Conversation view for text messages: Now available

Getting text message replies? You can now manage these conversations more easily in the new conversation view for text messages.

Clickable image URLs now an option in DailyStory

DailyStory text messages now support clickable image URLs. This is a unique capability that sends a URL as an image that the recipient can click on. And, the image and title used can be set by you.

Send text messages using an auto-response

Our Text Message Autoresponder will send an automatic reply back for any incoming text message not handled by an automation or keyword. This is a great way to set an out-of-office during holidays or weekends.

Folder view makes File Manager even better

To help you stay organized in our File Manager, you now can access a folder view. Easily see and manage all your File Manager folders.

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