What’s New in DailyStory – June 2023 highlights

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What’s New in DailyStory – June 2023 highlights

Support for ChatGPT

You’ve probably heard all the “buzz” about ChatGPT. We’ve incorporated it into DailyStory as a writing assistant you can use when creating any content. Just look for the “robot” icon robot.jpg in your text and email editor.

Randomize scheduled send times

Create your own “batching”. When scheduling emails and text messages, you can choose a range of time to randomly send your messages.

Filter assets by type within a campaign

From the Assets tab within a campaign, filter and sort now by asset type.

Reset an automation and re-run contacts

Need to reset an automation and run your campaign’s contacts through again? No problem, just click a button in the automation’s settings.

Replies report added to campaign report tabs

Easily access the Replies report from the reports tab in a campaign. No need to leave the campaign to access all of your favorite reports.

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