What’s New in DailyStory – May 2024 highlights

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What’s New in DailyStory – May 2024 highlights

Free webinar scheduled: Email Marketing Best Practices on June 5

We’ll go through the recent changes from Gmail and Yahoo requiring changes to how email senders authenticate, take a deep dive into validating email senders, and so much more! Register for this free webinar now.

Enhancements to DailyStory’s File Manager

Now, when adding an image to the File Manager in DailyStory, you’ll notice a new tile view that’s arranged from newest to oldest. There also is a new integration with Unsplash, which enables you to easily pull copyright-free photos into your email or MMS text message.

Now several ways to view and respond to text messages replies

While you can still view text message replies (and respond to them) through the Text Messages Report, you now can easily access a full text message conversation window by clicking on the Outbound link in the top navigation and then Conversations. This makes replying to text messages simpler than ever!

Smoother user experience on Automation Dashboard

DailyStory’s Automation Dashboard now features a more visible drop-down menu filter, as well as other layout updates.

DailyStory’s Campaign Dashboard updated 

You’ll notice various enhancements to DailyStory’s Campaign Dashboard, including a visualization of your lead growth tied to that particular campaign, a list of segments used in the campaign, and an inbound lead report.

Change in reporting for automated emails and text messages 

Automated emails and text messages previously showed an aggregate total in reports, but now, you’ll see data tied to specific timeframes.

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