What’s New in DailyStory – October 2023 highlights

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What’s New in DailyStory – October 2023 highlights

Dec. 13 webinar: Using AI in your marketing

To achieve your goals and stay ahead of the competition, the more you understand artificial intelligence technology, the better. Learn how to use AI in your marketing in this free DailyStory webinar.

Google lead form ads: Now integrated with DailyStory!

Google Ads support lead forms that enable visitors to submit their information directly into the page showing the Google Ad. If you’ve set up Google Ads with lead forms, learn how you can set up the integration with DailyStory.

Simplifying common contact searches with contact groups

At DailyStory, we always strive to simplify features for our customers. Contact groups are now available under “Search Contacts” to easily conduct searches with just a click.

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