Telligent Community Integration

Social CRM and Marketing Automation for Verint Community

Manage, market, and automate customer engagement in your Verint Community

About DailyStory’s Verint Community Integration

Verint Community is a leading online community platform used to create incredible communities and forums. With features ranging from forums, blogs, chat, wikis and more, it is everything you need to build an amazing online experience to support your customers.

DailyStory’s Social CRM and Marketing Automation platform is a powerful platform for creating campaigns, segments, and automations – all built to communicate your message to your clients.

With DailyStory’s integration for Verint Community you can sync Verint Community customer data, fields, and more directly to DailyStory. Then, use DailyStory’s segmentation and personalization tools to craft targeted messages for your clients and measure interactions.

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How can I use this integration?

DailyStory captures members, visits and more as people participate in your Verint Community. You can use this to:

Create audience segments

Utilize DailyStory’s powerful segmentation tools to identify customers that haven’t posted or visited recently; identify customers that are highly engaged and those that aren’t; remind customers to complete their online profiles; and much more.

Identify prospective customers

Track and follow customers through their customer journey. See which questions, topics and groups they participate in. And, together with DailyStory’s Periscope feature, you can see which companies are visiting before they convert.

Run more effective welcome campaigns

Telligent Community sends an email when a new member joins, but with DailyStory integration you can expand the welcome process with rules, automations, drip emails or text messages and more to provide a more robust welcome experience.

Re-engage previous inactive members

Identity community members that haven’t visited the community within a specific range of time, such as the past 3 months, and send targeted communication to re-engage them.

Run marketing and sales campaigns

Mine your community membership for new sales opportunities or to provide members with specific product updates.

Analyze the community

Use DailyStory’s suite of simple to understand reports to see how your community is performing.

Simple to Setup

Setting up integration between DailyStory and Verint Community is simple.

First, contact us and request the Verint plug-in: SyncTelligent. This plug-in ensures that activities by community members can be properly associated with a user in DailyStory.

Once the plug-in is installed in Verint Community, set the API key (from DailyStory) and optionally set the Cookie domain (if you are using a subdomain for your community).

Next, sign in to your DailyStory account and navigate to integrations. Select Telligent and enter the API end point https://[your domain]/api.ashx/v2/ and aVerint Community API Auth key and user:

Once this is complete, DailyStory will synchronize with the contacts in Verint Community once every 3-hours.

Note: Verint Community integration is only available for DailyStory customer’s on a Premium or greater licensing plan.

What features are included?

  • One-way sync from Verint Community to DailyStory every 3-hours.
  • Email opt-outs synchronized between DailyStory and Verint Community.
  • Sync data automatically includes common contact fields, such as name.
  • Sync data also includes additional profile information and important dates, such as birthday.
  • Plug-in for Verint Community to capture conversions when joining the community.

What fields are imported?

Below is the list of fields currently imported from Verint Community into DailyStory. Fields such as roles, groups and achievements, points, total posts, last visit date and join date are all available for building filtered segments in DailyStory.

  • Name
  • Company
  • Title
  • Date of Birth
  • Address
  • City, State/Region, Country, and Zip/Postal code
  • Gender
  • Home Phone
  • Mobile Phone
  • Account Status (Anything other than “Active”, will flag the contact in DailyStory as “Inactive”)
  • Avatar / User Photo
  • User Roles
  • User Groups
  • User Achievements
  • Total Point count
  • Total Post count
  • Telligent Id
  • Join date
  • Last visit date

We are also constantly expanding and improving DailyStory’s integration with Telligent Community. If you are using Telligent Community and would like some specific capabilities, please let us know.

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