Telligent Community Integration

Easily add Social CRM and marketing automation to Verint Community

Manage, market, and automate customer engagement in your Verint Community

The #1 automation platform for Verint Community

Verint Community, formerly known as Telligent Community, is a leading online community platform used to create incredible communities and forums. With features ranging from forums, blogs, chat, wikis and more, it is everything you need to build an amazing online experience to support your customers.

DailyStory’s Social CRM and Marketing Automation platform is a powerful platform for creating campaigns, segments, and automations – built to deliver targeted message to your clients.

With DailyStory’s integration for Verint Community you can sync customer data to DailyStory. Then, use DailyStory’s segmentation and personalization to craft targeted messages for your clients. Then, measure the results of those activities.

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Automate your Verint Community management

DailyStory captures members, visits and more as people participate in your Verint Community. You can use this to:

Create segments from Verint Community members

Utilize DailyStory’s powerful segmentation tools to identify customers that haven’t posted or visited recently; identify customers that are highly engaged and those that aren’t; remind customers to complete their online profiles; and much more.

Build audience segments from Verint Community

Identify prospective customers in your Verint Community

Track and follow customers through their customer journey. See which questions, topics and groups they participate in. And, together with DailyStory’s Periscope feature, you can see who visits before they convert.

See where customers convert in your Verint Community

Run effective welcome campaigns to Verint Community members

Verint Community sends an email when a new member joins, but with DailyStory integration you can expand the welcome process with rules, automations, drip emails or text messages. All to provide a more robust welcome experience for your new community members.

Build robust welcome campaigns for Verint Community

Re-engage inactive members in your Verint Community

Easily identity community members that haven’t visited the community within a specific range of time using segments. For example, find members that haven’t visited in the past 3 months and send targeted communication to re-engage them.

Re-engage inactive members in your Verint Community

Run marketing and sales campaigns

Mine your community membership for new sales opportunities or to provide members with specific product updates. Easily organize by related accounts, geographies, interests or any other information about those members that you want to use for targeting.

Analyze Verint Community with easy to understand reports

Use DailyStory’s suite of simple to understand reports to see how your community is performing.