The Cannabis Marketing Podcast

The Cannabis Marketing Podcast

An interview style podcast with people working in cannabis and CBD to discuss the unique challenges and opportunities they face

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Where can I find The Cannabis Marketing Podcast?

The Cannabis Marketing Podcast is available on Apple and Spotify. You can check-out a brief audio introduction to the podcast too. Subscribe to our podcast RSS feed here.

How long is each podcast episode?

Our goal with The Cannabis Marketing Podcast (CAMP) is to keep each episode between 30-45 minutes. Just long enough that you can start and finish an episode walking your dog or your car ride to work. Occasionally we may introduce longer episodes.

Why is the podcast called CAMP?

CAMP is our abbreviation for The Cannabis Marketing Podcast.

What is the format of the CAMP podcast?

The podcast is an interview-style podcast. While we have a lot of expertise in cannabis and CBD marketing, the goal is to interview people and let them tell their stories.

Who is the podcast host?

CAMP is hosted by Rob Howard. Rob is the founder of DailyStory, a marketing automation platform that works with customers in the cannabis market.

Who should you expect to hear from?

You can expect to hear from CEOs and CMOs of well-known cannabis dispensaries, marketers who are on the ground running CBD digital marketing programs, and from people working “in the trenches” at agencies or onsite to help market their cannabis products or dispensary.

Why did you start this podcast?

We’ve had the opportunity to work with a lot of customers in the cannabis and CBD market. Sending millions of email marketing and SMS marketing. We noticed an absence of great business focused content, so we decided to start a podcast.

I’m interested in being a guest

Fantastic – we’d love to speak with you. Please contact us and someone from our team will follow up.

I’m a guest, what is the format?

If you are a guest on CAMP, please plan for a 1 hour Zoom meeting – audio only.

Pre-recording (5-15 min)

We’ll start the Zoom and discuss the “plan” for the recording. We’ll use this time to make sure we cover any topics you want to cover as well as avoid any topics you want to stay away from. Next, we’ll start the recording.

General format (30-40 min)

The goal is to keep the podcast to less than 40 minutes. Below are some general topics you should expect:
  • Podcast introduction
  • Basic introduction who you are, what you do
  • Background on your experience prior to getting into cannabis market
  • Biggest challenges you face running your business
  • Predictions where the cannabis market is going
  • Other topics that comes up as we chat or that you would like me to ask you about
  • Optionally, how people can contact you
  • Podcast closing

Post-recording (5-10 min)

After we close the interview and stop the recording please stay in the Zoom. We’ll do a quick summary and re-record any question or topics you would like to answer differently.

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