10 types of videos you can use in your marketing strategy

Videos matter.

In fact, about 92 percent of marketers say that videos are an important part of their marketing strategy.

If you’re just getting into video creation for your brand, it might be a little overwhelming to know where to start.

Below are 10 types of videos that you can use in your marketing campaigns.

Educational videos

Here’s a fun fact. “How-to” searches are among the most popular of searches on YouTube (the world’s second-largest search engine), which makes educational videos a strategic opportunity.

This type of video provides information about a topic that helps the viewer become more knowledgeable about the subject.

This is a common approach in video marketing. A hair salon might post a video about how to do a French braid, for example.

Product videos

This type is all about showing off your product to potential customers.

What does the product look like?

How does it work?

What are the benefits and features?

Of course, this can segway into product sneak peeks and so on to generate excitement with your audience.

360-degree experience videos

This is the ideal type of video to give a consumer as much of a virtual reality kind of experience as possible.

Some businesses will use 360-degree experience videos for their Google My Business listing so that people can check out their entire location virtually.

This type is also especially popular in real estate, in which virtual home tours are conducted for potential buyers.

Company-culture videos

This type of video is similar to your brand film, but it specifically used to attract potential employees to your business.

Company-culture videos offer more information about your company, what it’s like to work there and who else works there (and how they like it).

It’s definitely an ideal type of video to create for your LinkedIn presence.

Testimonial videos

Testimonials are a go-to for any savvy business, but while many feature written testimonials from happy customers, imagine their power on video.

Customer testimonial videos feature satisfied customers sharing their experience with your service or product and why they recommend it for others.

FAQ videos

These are very similar to educational videos in the sense that you are, in fact, educating.

However, FAQ videos specifically address the most commonly asked questions people have for your business.

This type of video enables you to get ahead of the questions and address any potential objections in an engaging way.

Brand videos

Intended for awareness, brand videos strive to inform videos about the nature of your business and brand. 

Often used in video ads, this type of video strives to tell the overall story behind your business and what you’re all about. The intent is to make people care about you and your message.

Instructional videos

Also similar to educational videos, instructional videos are geared to be a specific step-by-step.

Think written instructions to start using your product, but in video form.

Live-stream recordings

We shouldn’t be the first to tell you the value of live video, especially on social media.

(Just in case you’re new to live-streaming, check out our tips to look as professional as possible.)

What’s great about a live video is that the recording can be repurposed elsewhere in your marketing, even if it’s as simple as an “in case you missed it” email to your database.


Vlogs are simply video blogs (or video logs, depending on who you talk to), where most or all of the content is video.

Often, a vlog consists of someone shooting a video of themself talking about a subject or reviewing a product, service and/or event.

This type of video can be very personal and earns points for its authenticity. It’s a common tactic for some online influencers and can create a trusted connection with their audiences.

As you look over your upcoming marketing campaigns and overall strategy, decide what type of video is the “low-hanging fruit” for your brand. Which video makes the most sense to start with? Begin there, and remember that you can slowly integrate video into your digital marketing more and more over time as you get more comfortable.

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