Best CBD marketing companies

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Best CBD marketing companies

Looking for a list of the best CBD marketing companies?

Our up-to-date list of the best CBD marketing companies will help you find the right marketing partner. And they can help you with your CBD marketing platform!

How we put this list together

DailyStory works with many of the top CBD brands, retailers and distributors.  We’ve put this list together based on our experience and feedback from our customers. They are the names we hear the most.

If you have edits or updates you’d like to suggest, please let us know. We’re constantly updating it.


Bigeye asserts, “We possess a profound comprehension of both CBD and the most effective marketing strategies.” Upon perusing their website, you’ll discover a wealth of expertise, case studies, and other pertinent information one would anticipate from a well-established agency.


Specializing in brand identity, SEO, and content marketing, they offer conventional agency creative services tailored to the CBD industry. If you’re in the process of evaluating CBD agencies, we suggest exploring their complimentary consultation service.

Cannabis Creative Group

We have only recently become acquainted with Cannabis Creative Group, but we’ve included them in our considerations due to their apparent emphasis on not just traditional marketing but also various facets of digital marketing, including email and SMS. Additionally, it’s worth noting that they are set to sponsor CBD and related events next year.

CBD Marketing Hub

CBD Marketing Hub offers a diverse range of marketing services, encompassing traditional agency offerings, as well as print and television media. They specialize in driving sales and digital customer acquisition for cannabis, medical marijuana, CBD, and hemp products, with a particular focus on retail, dispensary operations, and ensuring compliance in their advertising services.


ColaDigital places a strong emphasis on assisting dispensaries with their SEO needs, making them a versatile choice that caters to both traditional cannabis marketing and CBD marketing. If you operate a retail store, particularly a dispensary, we recommend considering their services.


We appreciate Connective for their clear focus on a specific area of expertise: the meticulous development of CBD-related websites. Although they provide other services, they recognize that a well-crafted website is paramount for successful online sales.

Cude Design

While the majority of agencies on our list concentrate on North America, it’s worth noting that Cude Design is a UK-based agency. If you’re operating a cannabis or CBD business in the UK, reaching out to them might be a valuable choice.


Elevated specializes in keyword research, technical SEO, and link building, making them the ideal agency to engage when you want to enhance your brand’s online visibility.

The Email Marketers

The Email Marketers is an all-inclusive team for managing your campaigns. Despite their name, it’s important to note that they also provide SMS services.


Require assistance with your CBD ecommerce strategy or website? They offer a wide range of traditional agency services to assist with SEO, content marketing, and website development.

Icarus Digital Marketing

In contrast to the other agencies on our list, Icarus specializes in social advertising. With the growing challenges of advertising CBD products on platforms like Google and Facebook, exploring Icarus may be a valuable option if you’re aiming to run ads; they likely have the expertise to assist.


PufCreativ offers a comprehensive suite of digital and marketing services, akin to those available at many of the other agencies we’ve mentioned. What sets them apart is their exclusive dedication to the cannabis and related industries. While several other agencies on our list provide marketing for both CBD and cannabis alongside other sectors, PufCreativ specializes exclusively in this niche.


Sherpa primarily specializes in website creation and SEO optimization. While they offer a more limited range of services compared to some larger agencies, we appreciate their high level of specialization in these specific areas.

In Conclusion

If you’re in search of a digital marketing agency to propel your company to the forefront of the highly competitive CBD industry, we recommend conducting your own thorough research. It’s crucial to ensure that the agency you select possesses a deep understanding of the legal intricacies and regulations surrounding CBD, while also bringing creativity and a results-oriented approach to enhancing your online presence.

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