Little Green Light SMS and Email Marketing that’s simple and affordable

By integrating with DailyStory's marketing automation platform, you can boost sales, build customer loyalty, and grow your business. It's a powerful combination to help you achieve your marketing goals.

Take Little Green Light Donor Marketing to a New Level

Little Green Light is an affordable yet powerful donor management software solution built for small and mid-sized nonprofit organizations.

The integration between Little Green Light and DailyStory provides robust email, SMS and additional marketing capabilities integrated together.

And, DailyStory offers everything starting at the affordable price of free.

Next-level email and SMS marketing for Little Green Light

Running onboarding campaigns, nurturing leads, sending SMS marketing or email marketing drip campaigns, integrating with Facebook or Google Ads, and advanced automations are all capabilities included with DailyStory.

Marketing automation that works seamlessly with Little Green Light

Getting started is simple: just add your Little Green Light API key to the Little Green Light integration in DailyStory. Data will automatically start syncing. Including: standard constituent information such as first name, last name, email, etc. But it also include constituent date specific to Little Green Light including: memberships, groups, and categories.

  • Automatically sync constituents to DailyStory: name, email, phone number, etc.
  • Automatically receive updates when constituents unsubscribe or their email bounces (if the email address is no longer valid).
  • Automatically sync constituent memberships.
  • Automatically sync constituent groups.
  • Automatically sync constituent categories.
  • Build an unlimited number of segments / lists. For example, lists based on group membership.

DailyStory Marketing Automation is simple and easy-to-use

DailyStory is laser-focused on ease-of-use.

With it’s simply to understand and intuitive layout along with 24/7 customer support, you’ll quickly fall in love. And most customers are up-and-running in less than a week!

  • 24/7 support included
  • Easy-to-understand documentation
  • Mobile and desktop friendly user experience

What can you do with DailyStory + Little Green Light integration?

Below are some examples of how you can use the DailyStory Little Green Light integration.

Create meaningful marketing campaigns, email newsletters, SMS offers and more

Use the data synced from Little Green Light to create welcome campaign, retention campaigns, newsletters and more. And, Little Green Light is always the “source of truth” – as long as it’s updated in Little Green Light, it will be reflected in DailyStory.

Tired of manually building lists? Little Green Light Segments are Automatic

A segment is a group of people that share common characteristics.

Mindbody Segment

Example segments

  • New donors
  • Donors that belong to specific groups, memberships or categories

Those are just a few examples of how you can segment your Little Green Light clients.

But, the real magic happens as data changes in Little Green Light.

DailyStory segments update automatically with Little Green Light

This means that if a lead signed up on your website and then became a donor, DailyStory would automatically remove them from one segment and add them to the other.

Manage opportunities not in Little Green Light

It’s also important to point out that unlike Little Green Light, DailyStory is built to maintain a list of all your contacts – regardless as to whether or not they are a constituent in Little Green Light yet.

This means you can create powerful segments targeting leads. These leads can be directly uploaded or easily collected from your website using existing website forms using DailyStory magic forms or building your own web forms in DailyStory.

Automate communication to all your constituents

Once you’ve grouped your customers into segments, build automated marketing campaigns to send personalized emails and text messages to your clients.

Examples of Little Green Light automations

For example, you can send:

  • Welcome emails introducing welcoming new donors
  • Offers and incentives using a QR code in a text message
  • Personalized news letter to keep your brand top-of-mind
  • Re-engage clients who haven’t donated in the past 2 weeks

Drag-and-drop automation builder

Building automations is simply a matter of dragging-and-dropping what you want to happen. For example, below is a simple automation that sends an email asking for client testimonials:

But don’t just focus on customers!

Find new customers with lead generation campaigns

Tapping into your existing customer base is important, but so is finding new clients. Use DailyStory’s inbound marketing tools to capture new clients from your website, advertising promotions and other sources.

Examples of lead generation tools

  • No code integration with your existing website’s forms and pages.
  • Use tracking links to capture leads from ads on Google and Bing.
  • Use popups to capture visitor information just before they leave your website.
  • Building landing pages to send out with promotions or other activities.

Simple customer management

Manage prospective clients and track how your marketing activities contribute to those sales. See how ads placed on Facebook, or other locations, translate into new or future customers. Later, add those contacts to Little Green Light when they convert on an offer.

Beautiful and useful reports

Utilize a growing suite of simple to understand reports lets you see at a glance how your marketing activities are performing. Plus you’ll receive a daily summary email each morning to see who you reached and who has come back to visit your website.

And, DailyStory does so much more

DailyStory is a comprehensive marketing automation platform built for growing businesses.

And those are just some of the features of the DailyStory platform!

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some Frequently Asked Questions about the DailyStory and Little Green Light integration:

What is Little Green Light?

Little Green Light is an affordable yet powerful donor management software solution built for small and mid-sized nonprofit organizations.

Is there any additional cost for Little Green Light integration?

No, Little Green Light integration is available in both free and paid plans.

How often does DailyStory sync with Little Green Light?

Little Green Light data is synced every 2 hours.

How do I get started?

Setup is easy. In fact, we do nearly all of it for you. And, once setup, your client data from Little Green Light is immediately available within DailyStory.

What data from Little Green Light is synced?

Everything you need to market to your business. Please see our documentation for more details.

Is data synced back to Little Green Light?

No, Little Green Light acts as the master source of data synced from Little Green Light.

Little Green Light integration documentation

Want to learn more about how the integration works? See our technical documentation on DailyStory Little Green Light integration.

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