What’s New in DailyStory – August 2023 highlights

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What’s New in DailyStory – August 2023 highlights

Webinar Sept. 20: SMS Delivery Best Practices Webinar

Text message delivery is challenging, especially with changes (such as 10DLC and other requirements). Learn how to ensure your message deliver in this free DailyStory webinar.

Tips and Tricks: Save SMS Replies to Google Sheets using Zapier

Use our Zapier integration to write text message replies to a Google Sheet.

New Integration: Zoom webinars

DailyStory’s integration with Zoom simplifies the setup for capturing prospects for marketing, adding to webinars, and more using DailyStory’s drag-and-drop automation builder.

New Integration: Stripe

Leverage the DailyStory marketing automation platform to seamlessly send emails, text messages, push notifications and more to customers created in Stripe.

Update: 24/7 support chat with real people!

Everyone seems to want to use AI or automation to get around providing customer support. We love our customers and love supporting you.

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