The role of AI summary generators in email marketing

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The role of AI summary generators in email marketing

AI summary generators are online tools that quickly and accurately condense lengthy pieces of content using artificial intelligence. The summary they will generate will have the same quality and meaning as the original version. 

These generators are widely used in the field of academics by students, teachers, etc. writing by bloggers, and marketing by marketers. 

Let’s discuss the key role that AI-powered summary generators play in the field of email marketing

The critical role of AI summary generators in email marketing

The following are some ways that will help you efficiently understand the role of AI summary generators in email marketing. 

Assistance in personalization

Most of you already know the importance of personalization in email marketing. Email personalization encourages engagement as well as contributes to enhancing relationships. That’s why, you will often see marketers trying to personalize the emails as much as they can. 

This process starts with skimming through potential customer’s data (like their purchase history, feedback, reviews, etc.) to find the most important information that will be later used to create fully personalized emails. AI summary generators can help in this regard, let us explain how. 

These tools can quickly and efficiently bulk data and provide a short and concise summary that only contains the main information. This will save a significant amount of time and effort, allowing email marketers to properly focus on other important personalization tasks. 

Improved scalability

Most recipients don’t want to interact with emails with big chunks of text. Instead, they prefer reading a short, concise, and to-the-point email, because it is easier to skim through. 

So, it is considered highly crucial to keep emails free of unnecessary details, words, and phrases for maximized scanability. And through AI summary generators, this can be done in the blink of an eye, let us explain how. 

The generators work on advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP) & Machine Learning (ML) algorithms. The NLP efficiently identifies the main sentences in the given email. At the same time, the ML uses those sentences to craft a concise version.  

Boosted efficiency

Obviously, interacting with bulk data (customer reviews, feedback, etc) to find the main information and keeping the email concise manually will definitely require a good amount of time and effort, increasing the chances of damaged working efficiency. 

Fortunately, that’s the case with the AI summary generator. These quickly scan lengthy content and provide the main points of it, saving time as well as effort, and giving a boost to overall working efficiency. 

So, these are some of the major ways through which AI summary generators can be useful in email marketing

Some AI-based summary generators that can be used in email marketing

Below are some reliable AI-powered summary generators that can be used in email marketing. 

AI Summarizer

This is a freemium tool that will allow email marketers to quickly condense lengthy emails into shorter ones using AI technologies. The tool comes equipped with two summarizing modes, one is totally free and the other is paid. 

Moreover, the tool comes equipped with a “Summary Length Adjuster” that will allow marketers to summarize content according to their adjusted length. To provide you with a better understanding, we summarized a lengthy marketing email with it, and the results we got can be seen in the attachment below. 


As you can see, the AI summary generator has quickly and efficiently condensed the given email according to the selected length. So, you can easily do the same as well. 

One of the most notable features of this generator is that, it supports seven different languages including, English, Spanish, Indonesian, Portuguese, French, Italian, and Netherlands. The multi-lingual support makes it highly suitable for email marketers in parts of the world. 

Finally, it allows users to get output results in different formats or styles; like paragraphs, bullet points, or the most important sentence from the output. 

Text Summarizer by Smodin

This reliable AI-powered summary generator can be handy in email marketing. Smodin summarizer is also a freemium (available in both free and paid versions) tool. It also quickly and accurately creates short summaries of given text using Artificial Intelligence technologies. 

One notable thing is that this tool provides the option to select the type of summarization “Extractive” or “Abstractive” that the users want to perform. We performed Extractive summarization and the results provided can be seen in the attachment below. 


Additionally, this AI-based summary generator supports all the languages in the world. Besides this, it gives the option to adjust the number of summarized sentences. 

However, one downside of this tool is that it allows free users to summarize content of a maximum of 5,000 characters at once.

Ahrefs Summary Generator

This is a totally free-to-use AI-powered summary generator from the house of Ahrefs. It has the ability to perform summarizing in more than 25 languages. Not only this, it also does not have any word limits on summarizations. 

One of the most notable features is that it allows users to set the writing tone or style of the summary that the tool will generate. The tones include formal, professional, casual, friendly, confident, academic, simplified, and many more. 

This feature can be highly useful for email marketers as they often have to craft emails in different writing tones or styles. 

In order to provide you with a better idea about this tool’s working, we summarized some marketing content with it. Check the picture below for results. 


Finally, this generator also gives the option to create summaries either in the form of paragraphs or bullet points. 

In conclusion

AI summary generators play a key role in the success of email marketing. They allow marketers to quickly identify the main information in bulk customer data, leading to the creation of more personalized emails. Additionally, these also greatly assist in achieving maximum conciseness and clarity in marketing emails, which is crucial for success. 

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