8 ways AI can be used in email marketing

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8 ways AI can be used in email marketing

The future of AI in email marketing is already here.

Whether you’ve tried ChatGPT, DALL-E2, or something else, artificial intelligence can optimize, improve and speed up every aspect of email marketing.

Simply put, AI is a computer science process for building smart machines that’s capable of performing tasks that involve human intelligence and consciousness.

Of course, AI can improve more than the obvious (email writing). Ultimately, marketers can automate daily tasks with AI so that time and resources can be allocated better, maximizing the return on investment. 

You’re likely already interacting with AI in your daily email life as a consumer through the following:

  • Spam detection
  • Inbox delivery & filtering
  • Product recommendations

Why not level up your brand’s email marketing with the power of AI? The following are eight ways you can use AI in your email marketing efforts to boost results.

Create effective subject lines

Email subject lines are key to a successful email marketing campaign. When a recipient reads your subject line, they’ll either open your email or not. Good subject lines stand out from the noise of most inboxes.

AI uses algorithms for generating effective subject lines to drive a higher open rate for your emails.

Automate email copy

AI can give you the power to automate and optimize the entire content of an email, including using curated content, images, pre-written copy, blog posts, and machine-generated content to produce optimized copy.

Specifically, AI can help:

  • Overcome writer’s block
  • Produce high-quality summaries of long-form content
  • Proofread the copy you’ve written
  • Convert blog posts into newsletter sections

You can save on the time and resources typically spent on email copy, which is typically the biggest investment of any given email marketing campaign. 

(Keep in mind that AI can improve the visuals and overall email template you use as well.)


Targeted personalization boosts your customer engagement rate. AI can check customer data and use machine learning to predict future behavior based on the trends of previous interactions. It’s personalization that goes beyond just using a recipient’s name in an email.

AI can craft personalized emails that will express the right message to the right person at the right time to increase your conversion rate.

Smart segmentation

AI can help segment (or group) your email contact database into new and distinct groups, leveraging the different interests and preferences of contacts so that your email marketing campaigns can be more targeted. 

Keep in mind that the power of AI in segmentation can be limited to the quality of your data.

Enhance deliverability

Speaking of quality data, AI can remove inactive contacts from your database. It also can automatically update phone numbers and any other recipient details.

By doing so, your email deliverability will improve for any future marketing campaign.

Optimize the sending time

When you send an email also impacts the overall success of your email marketing campaign. AI can optimize the email sending time at the individual level for different recipients.

Email retargeting

AI can enhance your email retargeting strategy to lower your shopping cart abandonment rate and increase your sales revenue. Putting all of its capabilities together, AI can send effective retargeting emails to different customers after analyzing their past behaviors and interactions with your brand.

Enhanced A/B testing

A/B testing, otherwise known as split testing, is a valuable analysis tool in email marketing. However, it can be time-consuming and tedious, especially considering all the variables that could be tested in any given email.

AI can go beyond the traditional A/B testing, such as subject lines, and test many more options with ease and control. It can:

  • Run more tests at once
  • Personalize split tests per segment, not per channel 
  • Apply sophisticated targeting 
  • Optimize copy variants for better conversions

In conclusion

The future of AI email marketing is already here. Without AI, your competitors could leave you behind. By integrating AI into your email marketing, you can streamline your resources and boost your return on investment.

Just remember that the power of AI email marketing is limited by the quality of your data, any applicable privacy regulations (CCPA and GDPR), and the potential loss of the human touch.

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