MINDBODY Integration

The MINDBODY customer communication platform

Complete digital marketing and sales tools integrated with MINDBODY

About DailyStory’s MINDBODY Integration

MINDBODY is a popular and powerful solution that connects the world to wellness and is the leading one-stop shop for over 50,000 wellness professionals. From booking, point of sale enablement, membership, to marketing, Mindbody is a cross-device platform that excels in keeping your clients happy and healthy.

DailyStory’s MINDBODY integration is built with direct input from our customers. It’s how we’ve made complex problems, such as cross-regional customer management, shared marketing campaigns across locations, and dynamic audience segmentation so simple. But our real differentiator is our 1:1 customer service.

For accounts with multiple locations, your customers may visit different locations (cross-regional), DailyStory keeps track of their home location – ensuring the right marketing communication targets them. Corporate marketers that design and build campaigns easily publish those campaigns with a single-click to all their franchise locations. And, locations benefit from simple integration with MINDBODY that automatically keeps all customer information, such as memberships and last visit, automatically up-to-date. Best of all, all of this customer information is used to create lists (segments) that automatically stay-up-to-date as the underlying customer information changes.

DailyStory is a complete Market Cloud solution that is modern and easy-to-use. It includes numerous features and capabilities, all available through our MINDBODY integration. This includes: Email marketing, Text Message marketing, Landing Pages, Popups, Tracking Links and much, much more.

DailyStory is a MINDBODY ONLINE partner

Simplify your marketing

Our MINDBODY ONLINE integration was built from the ground up hand-in-hand with our customers:

What features are included?

In addition to all of DailyStory’s existing Marketing Cloud features, MINDBODY integration adds:

How do I get started?

Setup is easy. In fact, we do nearly all of it for you. And, once setup, your client data from MINDBODY is immediately available within DailyStory.

This includes standard fields, such as contact information, but also includes their MINDBODY id, services purchased, membership information and more. Plus, you can add your own fields to your customer records.

For example, find a new customer at a marketing or sales event? Track that data in DailyStory and use it for segments.

1. Start by segmenting your MINDBODY clients

Once your data is syncing from MINDBODY you can utilize powerful segmentation tools:

Those are just a few examples of how you can segment your audience. But, best of all, your segments will automatically stay up-to-date as your client’s data within MINDBODY changes. And, we’ll help you setup and configure the segments you need.

2. Build outreach campaigns to your clients

Once you’ve grouped your clients into segments, build automated campaigns to send personalized emails and text messages to your clients:

3. Find new customers with lead generation campaigns

Tapping into your existing customer base is important, but so is finding new clients. Use DailyStory’s inbound marketing tools to capture new clients from your website, advertising promotions and other sources.

4. Simple customer management

Manage prospective clients and track how your marketing activities contribute to those sales. See how ads placed on Facebook, or other locations, translate into new or future customers. Later, add those contacts to MINDBODY when they convert on an offer.

5. Beautiful and useful reports

Utilize a growing suite of simple to understand reports lets you see at a glance how your marketing activities are performing. Plus you’ll receive a daily summary email each morning to see who you reached and who has come back to visit your website.