Mindbody Marketing Suite Alternative

If you’re searching for a replacement for the Mindbody Marketing Suite or if you’ve outgrown it, this article can help you find alternatives.

DailyStory is a Mindbody Marketing Suite Alternative

Mindbody Marketing Suite is a basic set of marketing automation tools for Mindbody. DailyStory is an affordable, feature-rich Mindbody Marketing Suite alternative.

While Mindbody is a great solution for scheduling classes, collecting payment, and managing basic customer details, it is not a purpose-built marketing platform.

If you’re searching for a replacement for the Mindbody Marketing Suite or if you’ve outgrown it, this article can help you find alternatives.

Cost of Mindbody Marketing Suite

Existing Mindbody customers can add Mindbody Marketing Suite to their existing Mindbody subscription. But, it’s expensive: adding $100 to $300 of additional cost for each monthly Mindbody subscription. Based on data from G2 market research:

  • $120 per-month – for basic email marketing functionality.
  • $240 per-month – for automation support.

Let’s compare this to DailyStory, which greatly surpasses the functionality found in the Mindbody Marketing Suite and is purpose built for digital marketing.

DailyStory is free to start

For many Mindbody customers, just getting started with digital marketing can be overwhelming. DailyStory is free for less than 250 contacts. This means you have zero additional monthly cost to add world-class marketing to your business!

DailyStory paid subscriptions start at $5/month

DailyStory paid subscriptions start for as little as $5/mo.

That’s 1/24th the cost of the basic Mindbody Marketing Suite, which doesn’t even include automations!

DailyStory is simple and easy-to-use

DailyStory is laser-focused on ease-of-use.

With it’s simply to understand and intuitive layout along with 24/7 customer support, you’ll quickly fall in love. And most customers are up-and-running in less than a week!

  • 24/7 support included
  • Easy-to-understand documentation
  • Mobile and desktop friendly user experience

Mindbody customers love DailyStory

“I have a lot of experience with a number of email marketing tools (like MailChimp, Emma and Constant Contact), but using DailyStory was such a leveling-up moment for my business.”

Caren Roblin Owner & Coach, Kaia FIT

DailyStory is integrated with Mindbody

Mindbody says, “Customer loyalty is built on our fitness, wellness, and beauty software.” And, at DailyStory we believe customer loyalty starts with great marketing. And great marketing starts with DailyStory.

As a Mindbody partner, DailyStory combines unique digital marketing experience with deep integration with Mindbody.

Let’s look at some examples of what to expect from a marketing platform such as DailyStory.

Key benefits to DailyStory Mindbody integration

Below are several of the benefits you’ll enjoy with Mindbody integration:

  • Sync Mindbody data
  • Cross-regional support
  • Shared marketing
  • Automated segments
  • Franchise support
  • Powerful automations

Give us a try

Give DailyStory a try today. We’re free to start and you’ll find that we’re affordable, feature-rich and integrated with Mindbody.

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